JACKED is more than a party
JACKED is a family
An ever and rapidly growing family where everyone is welcomed and encouraged, regardless of colour, creed, race, religion or gender.

Setting out in 2014 to create a party, something different, something special that brings people together in the absence of judgement or hierarchy.
Centred around the indescribable ora that House Music creates, an atmosphere filled with love & passion. A non-encroaching outlet for you and others like you to enjoy what they love the most.

A deserved release from day-to-day life, a magical escape from the mundane...
Be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do.
As long as your actions do not morally disregard our natural right to equality; but instead promote care, and empathy for one another.

We maintain that our parties are centred around YOU, the people.
You are the people who proactively show consideration for your surroundings.
You give each other a safe haven where you can appreciate the music, feel the electricity in the air and find comfort in this wonderful atmosphere created solely by YOU.

We believe that you should be confident to express yourself freely, you are beautiful, you are unique and there is no one else in the world quite like you.
JACKED is a celebration of people
A party created by the people, for the people...

Love, Peace, Passion, Unity...



Line Up

Jacked (House & Happy Techno)

Special Guests to be announced…

Jacked Residents:
Joe Townsley
Ollie Drop
Sam Wiltshire

George Marshman (Solid Grooves)
Lewis Joel (Vision)
Kurt Grizz
Bogdan Gabriel (Tuned)
Goono (Sorted)
DV8 (Hotwire Events)
Johnny P (No Enrty)

Bits Showcase:
Luke Alexander
Doctor Si
Tall Order

Sounds Unknown Showcase:

Local Support:
Gordon Glitch (Jacked Young Gun)
Sam Sutton (Jacked Young Gun)
Aaron May (Jacked Young Gun)
Luppo (Jacked Young Gun)
Waby (Gruuvbox)
Vista (Gruuvbox)
Patch (John Street)
Arvar (John Street)
Perpetual Method
Ciggy Man
Project A
Dealo Brown

+ More TBC

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