Important Update

Knowing what you guys are like, this announcement won't be anything you haven't figured out already...

The government are looking to open live music events but at the moment there are rules. lots of rules affecting everything from the number of people allowed on site to which way the musicians have to face.

We hate rules, you hate rules and we just won't be able to deliver the party we all love.

We could probably do some kind of military style dictator fest. but it's gonna seriously kill the vibe.

We don't want to be telling people off all weekend for breaking these rules, it's really not our style, (and to be honest looking after you lot is like herding kittens, even under normal circumstances πŸ˜‚πŸ’–).

So, although we’ve tried to keep the dream alive, hoping we might get a shot, it's not going to be possible to bring you anything like our usual party πŸ˜”.

Unfortunately we have to make it official, so it saddens us to say Equinox 2020 will have to be postponed, let's not get too doom and gloom, the tribes will gather again, and when they do, it will be extra special.

All we can say is, save up your inner party animal because Equinox 2021 is gonna be wild...


If you have bought a ticket for Equinox Festival 2020 it will be automatically transferred to Equinox Festival 17th-19th September 2021, or for refunds follow the link.

Also if you have any super weird ticket questions please email

The Equinox Team

2020 Applications

Build Crew Application

Equinox Festival is a three day event, open to the public from 18th to the 20th September. We have an existing core crew of volunteers and draw additional volunteer crew from a yearly open call application process. Places are highly sought after and we receive considerably more applications than we have places. It is important to read all the information, fill in the application fully and explain why you would be an asset to our crew.
We are looking for site crew with experience of festivals, carpenters, general labourers and ground workers who can work as part of a team using their own tools. Work types include building wooden seating, fences, putting up flagpoles, digging holes, moving materials etc. You’ll work as part of a small team led by an Equinox Festival Site Foreman.

Early site crew will need to be available from the 6th September and up to 2 weeks after the event. Actual working dates will be confirmed by your Foreman if your application is successful.
Need to bring with you
High vis, tools (as agreed with Foreman and noted on your application), relevant PPE, waterproofs, sunscreen and hat, notebook, pen and torch.
Ticket Deal
We’re a not for profit company and this is a volunteer role. You are working in return for 1 adult weekend ticket. Bookings are made on the understanding that each ticket holder will work a minimum of 6 hrs a day, for a minimum of 5 days. A deposit may be required which will be returned upon satisfactory completion of your work, signed off by your Foreman.
Back of house camping space is limited and there is strictly no room for others to camp with you. Water is shared by standpipe and there is no electric available on site. No generators are permitted. Campervans and caravans will be located separately to tents, and awnings from vehicles may not be allowed due to Health and Safety reasons. There may not be room for solar panels. No windmills.
Vehicle Passes and Parking
Vehicle passes are limited and must be agreed by prior arrangement or purchased through the Equinox Festival Website. Crew parking is located in a separate area to public parking. The public parking area must not be used by crew.
Must be agreed by prior arrangement- spaces are limited and our festival site is a working building site. If agreed, all animals must have a valid pass which must be purchased from our website. They must remain on a lead and be supervised at all times. Please read the Site Guidance on our website for further information. If your animal is found to not be on a lead/ not have a pass/ creating a nuisance/ the animal is not being cleaned up after and the waste disposed of in the proper manner, you and your animal will be asked to leave site and you will forfeit your deposit/ right to a ticket.
Crew are not booked to or permitted to trade any items.

Bookings are made on the understanding that all crew will:

  • Participate in an on-site induction including health and safety and adhere to this.
  • Wear high vis at all times (if you are unable to bring one with you, one will be supplied for you for a Β£5 returnable deposit which must be paid during your induction).
  • Bring everything you need when you arrive on site as the festival organisers do not want you to cause further on site traffic and congestion.
  • Not bring additional persons with them onto the site, this includes partners and children- the only people permitted onto our building site are those who we have agreed as crew.
  • Remain sober- drinking alcohol or being under the influence of any substance whilst working is not permitted at any time. All Volunteers- are required to be vigilant, courteous, sober, and Health & Safety conscious.
  • Work a minimum of 6 hrs a day, for a minimum of 5 days. A deposit may be required which will be returned upon satisfactory completion of your work, signed off by your Foreman.
  • Specialist Roles- Equinox will do all that it can to provide Volunteer Build Crew who have specialist skills with roles commensurate to those skills. This may not always be possible and Volunteer Build Crew can be asked to undertake any duties that are required for this stage of the event. Duties will be allocated at the briefing, normally by the Site Management or Team Leaders who will endeavour to fit the best person for the particular role required and resolve any disputes as to roles at this time. Volunteer Build Crew always have the right to refuse to engage in any activity required by their Team Leader but may then be asked to leave site until the public opening of the event/ required to pay the gate ticket price to remain on site for the event.
  • Abide by site guidance
  • Duties- can run around the clock. Please indicate any times you are unwilling to work.. Any reason for being unavailable must be declared prior to arrival on site.
  • Application forms received are reviewed and duties are allocated to preferred areas where possible. Equinox Festival will endeavour to meet requests, but cannot guarantee it will be possible.
  • Change of circumstances- please let us know of any as soon as possible.

Before filling in this form, we recommend you read through it first to make sure you have all the relevant information required. Forms cannot be saved and if you're unable to complete the form you will have to start again.

1. Your Information

Some basic information about you
What's your date of birth? (must be 18yrs or over, proof may be required)
How can we get in touch?
Where do you live?

2. Experience & Tools

Previous experience, relevant skills and licences held
What tools can you provide?

3. Paper work & Legalities

Trading Conditions

Please confirm you have read the Equinox Festival Trading Conditions and that you agree to abide by these and all licensing conditions for the event

I have read and understand the Equinox Festival Build Crew Conditions
I agree to abide by these conditions.

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